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What is BIM? (part 1) 

A starting point for all those interested in BIM.

What is BIM? (part 2) 

A look at the BIM levels of maturity and the possibilities for BIM tools to assist a differing selection of professionals.

Challenges in Integrating BIM into Higher Education 

Is  the current structure in place sufficient enough to provide the industry with BIM ready, or at least reasonably BIM skilled Graduates today though and if not what challenges may Higher Education face?

Why should we bother with sustainable materials?

If you are hoping that in the future fuel costs will reach a peak and then start to reduce then I am afraid you are going to be bitterly disappointed.  There may well be short term reductions, however  it is inevitable that fuel cost will not only continue to rise, but rise significantly.

What does openBIM, IFC's and COBie actually mean for BIM?

This weeks article is on openBIM, IFC's and COBie. What does openBIM, IFC's and COBie actually mean for BIM? With a few questions asked on what you feel the future holds for openBIM?

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