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I currently work as an Associate Lecturer at Coventry University within the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Department. I'm involved in various Built Environment Modules. I co-lead modules in Construction Technology and Architectural Development and Planning. I also have involvement in all Integrated Project modules and anything BIM related, which includes preparing material for and teaching on a MSc Low Impact Design, in particular the BIM and modelling modules.

One of the major aspects of my work is working as part of the team that is responsible for integrating BIM into the undergraduate and post graduate courses. I'm a BIM enthusiast continuing to strive for greater knowledge and skills within the area.

Along with my day to day work responsibilities I have recently written a research paper in collaboration with two colleagues evaluating a strategy to 'Develop and Implement a Strategy to integrate BIM Into Higher Education' which will be presented at the Sustainable Building Conference 2013 in Coventry. Additional to this I am also carrying out an MSc research project on 'Developing a BIM information Management system for Coventry university estate department'.

In a former life before embarking on a career in Academia I spent many years working up and down the country on various construction projects, domestic, commercial and industrial. The experiences and skills I learnt ranged from working on large industrial sites with the responsibility of managing steel fixing teams on site, amending and communicating plans to the fixing teams, in essence making the designs work with the demands of the 'actual' realities of site right the way through to the refurbishment of domestic properties on a private scale.


  1. BIM is our common passion ..
    I'm an architect , project management consultant for 20+ years ,
    and a PROFESSOR now in chennai, india.
    I've been trying to integrate BIM into 4d & 5D models and then
    BUSINESS driven strategy in connecting with ERP/ SCM solutions for life cycle FACILITY management.

    "I'm a BIM enthusiast continuing to strive for greater knowledge and skills within the area the same as many other BIM enthusiasts out there. " as you had said.,

    I'm presently doing my phd on ARCHITECTural PROGRAMMING & BIM.. looking forward to connect with your id ., mine is

    1. Hello Karun,

      Thank you for your comments it's nice to hear from a like minded individual. I hope your PHD is going well and you are enjoying it.


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